First Interview

"Chance never comes twice", I bet some of you already heard that quote. But I think, chance is flexible, "he" Always know how to come again, again, and again. that you have to do is feel it, in every moment, God Always gives you second chance, on the top of that, is many more.


It was start today, my first interview. well, in reality this is not my first, because I have ever did it before. But if it must be relate with my educational background, its worthy. this is my chance, and I have to pick it up. if I fail there is no problem, because I have learned everything that must be learned. and if I passes... well... its magic.

"what will you wear today, son?" my mom asked me. hmm! i'm little confused to decide that. what is the best outfit to take an interview? batik or long-sleeved shirt? jeans or slacks? appearance is an important things to do, because first impression said everything. your personality, your respect, your self-confident etc. I must be careful to make decisions. and then, after I consider some aspect, I choose to wear long sleeved shirt.

of course it was slightly different from the image above
In short, here I am. already in dean office to take an Interview with some friends. need to know, company that I applied is PT evonik sumi asih. and they only need fresh graduate from diploma III of chemical engineering. ( oh, I just forget to tell you that I have not graduated yet ). three of my seniors on campus already working in that company. and they said to me that this company surely needed some employee.

PT Evonik Sumi Asih is located in Bekasi, they only produce raw materials to make cosmetics etc. The distance is not too far from Semarang and salary is quite proper be an added value to them. actually, I am not to interested with the job, but like I said before, I have to pick it up.

The test is divided into three phases. first is written test, second is an interview with HRD, and the last is medical check up. we were given to take two of them, written test and interview. written test is something like IQ test. we were told to match picture, count, fast writing, drawing, etc. of course with limited time. and after that we do the interview.

I feel very 'greget' when the interview be held. yeah, it because of my 'pending - title' (what I have to say 'gelar yang tertunda' in english?). Mr Sigit, the interviewer, shocked after know that my status is still a college student. actually is alright, but he said that I was to brave to take risks. Mr Sigit Gave me advice that I should finish my study first, take a chance is ok, but waiting for a better chance is wise.


this is my story about my first interview, I have learned very much. but one that I have to learn more is "belajar bahasa Inggris lebih giat lagi". hehehe. :)


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